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Revant Nayar, CTO of FMI Tech and CIO of Princeton AI is a pioneer in quantum and econophysics-based asset management, earning recognition as a promising figure among the new wave of quant fund managers.

Last week FMI Technologies was represented at the Quant Strats conference by its CIO Revant Nayar, who spoke on the panel "Can Gen AI be applied to generate alpha?" Here is what he had to say.

Jack Sarkissian, Managing Director at FMI Technologies, highlighted the “buzzsaw” buy-side firms face due to the overwhelming number of sell-side offerings, each with its own set of data and assumptions. He emphasized the need for careful review and a critical eye towards the statistics presented.

Delve into the cutting-edge intersection of quantum AI, financial markets, and complexity science as we sit down with FMI Technologies' Revant Nayar. In this exclusive Q&A interview, Revant takes us on a journey through his groundbreaking work at FMI Tech, where proprietary strategies blend the realms of physics, mathematics, and quantitative research.

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