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We usher in a new paradigm in financial time series analysis. No need for overfitting, slow execution and black boxes.

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Speed and Accuracy


Unlike standard AI algorithms, FMI contains only the degrees of freedom relevant for a given task. This makes our algorithms exponentially faster and also more accurate. We can deal with any degree of non-linearity, non-stationarity, and non-Markovian behavior with ease. If there is any correlation or anomaly lurking in your data we will find it. 

Transparent and Flexible Model


Our algorithms are not black boxes- you can tune the handful of knobs in case something goes wrong. Rather than dump the model and start from scratch as in neural networks, here one can make quick adjustments in the case of market regime changes

No Overfitting


Our patented technology ensures that the algorithm does not overfit or underfit to the data. Forget about curve fitting in a slow and tedious fashion with neural networks. Our algorithms are fast and capture exactly the amount of signal in the data-no more and no less. 


Effective field theory, quantum theory, renormalisation group artificial intelligence machine learning big data, time series forecasting, anomaly detection, hedge fund, algorithmic trading 

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