Quantum Revolution in
Asset Management

FMI Technologies

Quantum Revolution in Asset Management

Asset Management

At FMI Technologies we manage portfolios by leveraging cutting-edge quantum AI and the principles of physics to identify lasting alpha opportunities in the market. While pursuing alpha generation, we stay committed to rigorous risk control and market neutrality.

We work with Family Offices, Institutions, Hedge Funds, and Private Individuals.

Quantum AI & Algorithms

FMI Tech is engaged in innovative research that revolutionizes the way we think about financial markets. This research brings out applications of quantum AI for decision-making and defines the way interact with the markets. Our innovative research is aimed at the discovery of permanent value that persists in all market conditions. How does price form, what is volatility, and why will supply never balance demand – read about it in our research releases.

Our Partners

Board of Advisors

Shivkumar Yerradodi

Ex-Citadel Risk and Analytics Technology

Raphael Douady

Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne, Noted Financial Mathematician

Bob Guzman

Chief Executive Officer
Homology Digital
Former Managing Director at BlackRock

Pinaki Bhattacharyya

Risk Models and Standards
Wells Fargo, IISc

Pawel Polak

Professor of Applied Mathematics, Stony Brook University

Alexander Polyakov

Fundamental Physics Prize Laureate, Princeton

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