Data, Decisions, Dollars: How Generative AI is Reshaping the Investment Landscape

Last week FMI Technologies was represented at the Quant Strats conference by its CIO Revant Nayar, who spoke on the panel “Can Gen AI be applied to generate alpha?” Here is what he had to say.

Using a large language model that costs $30 a month is helpful for automation work and debugging code and can replace some work that was previously done by entry-level quants or software engineers, said Revant Nayar, CIO at hedge fund FMI Technologies.

But for alpha generation, generative AI shouldn’t have an impact, Nayar said. It’s an “extreme statement” he said, but with everyone having access to models, a consensus opinion will take hold. The best quants will be able to think of things LLMs have not, he added.

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