FMI Technologies: Jack Sarkissian Says Buy-Side Faces "Buzzsaw" of Liquidity Offerings at WBR's Equity Leaders Summit

Buy-side investment managers’ struggle to find natural liquidity was highlighted at a panel discussion at the Equity Leaders Summit (ELS) in Miami. The panelists, which included representatives from FMI TechnologiesGoldman Sachs, OneChronos, and XTX Markets, debated the challenges and opportunities presented by the emergence of non-exchange trading venues.

Jack Sarkissian, Managing Director at FMI Technologies, highlighted the “buzzsaw” buy-side firms face due to the overwhelming number of sell-side offerings, each with its own set of data and assumptions. He emphasized the need for careful review and a critical eye towards the statistics presented.

The discussion also explored the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in navigating this new liquidity landscape. While panelists acknowledged the potential of AI, they stressed the importance of understanding and explaining its applications to ensure client trust.

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